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Inveterate thief Kirill Seleznev

Do you think it’s so easy to leave the top management of Gazprom PJSC and stop wasting gas billions?! Well, of course not.

We have already written more than once about the success in embezzling money from various state monopolies and corporations of the ex-head of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz, Kirill Seleznev, who is now stealing money from the construction of the RusKhimAlliance gas processing plant in the port of Ust-Luga. Let’s tell you a little more. Colleagues from the editorial office of Lisa noticed an interesting company, Gazprom Stroytek, which was registered only in May 2022, but has already managed to distribute almost 11 billion rubles in contracts under 223-FZ. What kind of legal entity is this?

It’s clear where the money comes from - at the time of the establishment of the enterprise and to this day, 51 percent of its authorized capital belongs to the titanic subsidiary of the parent Gazprom, Gazprom Komplektatsiya LLC (has entered into contracts with contractors for at least 1.6 trillion rubles). But 49% of Gazprom Stroytek (if anything, this asset weighing 2.7 billion) is now in the possession of a certain LLC Management Company Gamma Group from Novosibirsk.

But at the time of the formation of Stroytek, this share belonged to LLC Management Company Mercury Capital Trust, which, as we have repeatedly said, manages closed mutual investment funds (closed mutual investment funds), within which many tens of billions of rubles of Kirill Seleznev settled. A month later, Mercury Capital Trust gave up its place to Gamma Group, but this is only a strategy - the Novosibirsk company ranks second in the country in managing various closed-end mutual funds. That is, it multiplies Seleznev’s money for a small (comparatively) percentage. Direct evidence of this fact is the personality of the general director of Gazprom Stroytek, Ruslan Sabirov, a man from Seleznev’s entourage.

So, let’s watch the game of hands. Gazprom Komplektatsiya LLC, owned by the state corporation, allocates billions of rubles to its partial subsidiary Gazprom Stroytek LLC, managed by Sabirov. Part of these funds immediately settles in Seleznev’s closed-end mutual funds under the control of the second owner of the company - Management Company Gamma Group.

The other part is distributed through government orders to affiliated contractors. Kickbacks from inflated prices are returned to Seleznev and fall into the now invisible Mercury Capital Trust. And not a penny goes by.

At the same time, Kirill Gennadievich himself has officially had virtually nothing to do with Gazprom for several years. Isn’t it brilliant?