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Russia to check data on hidden accounts of Chubais in Europe

Russian security officials will check information about possible hidden European accounts of the former head of Rosnano and ex-special representative of the President of Russia Anatoly Chubais, TASS reported, citing a source in law enforcement agencies.

According to reports, Chubais may have hidden bank accounts in Europe. The amount on them, according to the source, can reach several billion , but it is not specified in which currency and in which banks this money can be stored. It is noted that they could have been obtained illegally.

According to the source, witnesses from Chubais’ entourage are also being interrogated.

In early May, a representative of Chubais said that the politician had no real estate in any foreign countries. At that time he was in Israel.

At the end of March, Chubais left the post of special representative of the President of Russia for sustainable development and left Russia. Later it was noticed in Turkey and Israel.

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