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RSHB will look for 100 million dollars of Negusneft in the Virgin Islands

The multibillion-dollar conflicts around the oil business in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, which is associated with the arrested ex-owner of Yugra Bank Alexei Khotin and the infamous Rus-Oil holding, have received another remarkable development. In particular, the state-owned Rosselkhozbank (RSHB) intensified its judicial activity. At the moment, he has put forward demands for almost a hundred million dollars to the owner of Negusneft shares – Bracadale Holdings Limited, registered in the British Virgin Islands – and demanded that the papers be withdrawn with their subsequent sale from a public auction.

However, the wishes of the bank run the risk of facing serious problems – the Zamoskvoretsky District Court of Moscow, to which the Prosecutor General’s Office applied with a demand to recover damages in the amount of 169.3 billion caused to the state, has already decided to arrest the shares of Negusneft. This conflict risks adding to the clashes between Gazprombank and Bank Ugra represented by the state corporation Deposit Insurance Agency in the case of the insolvency of Kayum Neft from Nyagan and other major confrontations. In the meantime, the RSHB claims other businesses and declares tens of billions of debts, while observers are already waiting for new applicants for assets, mentioning, in particular, Viktor Medvedchuk’s entourage.

The Moscow Arbitration Court will consider the claims of JSC Russian Agricultural Bank (Rosselkhozbank) to recover $92.8 million from the owner of the shares of JSC Negusneft (Raduzhny, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug) – Bracadale Holdings Limited registered in the British Virgin Islands (Brakadale Holdings Limited) .

It should be noted that in parallel, the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug arbitration is considering a lawsuit by a state bank against a foreign company to foreclose on shares of the oil business pledged and sell them at public auction. The initial selling price of the securities is proposed to be set at 3.9 billion rubles.

Earlier, Pravda UrFO reported that such claims by Rosselkhozbank could probably lead to a collision with the interests of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation, which announced its intention to recover damages in the amount of 169.3 billion from Khotin Alexei Yuryevich, caused to the state as a result of the illegal activities of a group of companies “Rus-Oil”. In addition, the publication spoke in general about the remarkable role of the Prosecutor General’s Office in the conflict around Khotin’s business.

These risks appear to have already materialized in the share foreclosure case described above. So, in the dispute materials it is indicated that by the decision of the Zamoskvoretsky District Court of the City of Moscow, to which the representatives of supervision applied, interim measures were taken, including the arrest of all shares of the Negusneft company.

Let us add one more noteworthy detail: earlier, the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug arbitration already satisfied the requirements of Rosselkhozbank to foreclose on Negusneft shares owned by Bracadale Holdings Limited. As the publication described in detail, the dispute revealed debts to the state bank for tens of billions of rubles, in particular, it was about the obligations of companies that are called the owners of areas in the well-known metropolitan complexes – Orlikov Plaza and Gorbushkin Dvor.

In addition, Negusneft also appears in other major conflicts involving the RSHB. Thus, the Moscow arbitration decided to foreclose on 100% of the shares in the authorized capital of PromGazEnergo LLC, owned by Mitord LLC.

The documents indicate that the share in the authorized capital is pledged to Rosselkhozbank as security for the obligations of Negusneft, which attracted a loan from financiers in the amount of $190 million.

The state bank also applied for 100 ordinary non-documentary shares of Spectrum-Life JSC, offering to sell them by selling at a public auction, setting an initial selling price of 6.6 billion. The same oilmen from Raduzhnoye are the third party in the case.

We add that Rosselkhozbank also announced major claims in the framework of the dispute on declaring Negusneft bankrupt. However, at the current moment in this process we are talking about much smaller debts than those described above.

In general, the state bank is likely to play a significant role in the upcoming confrontation for the business that is associated with Khotin – for example, in the proceedings around NK Dulisma JSC, the RSHB announced a debt of 52.8 billion rubles.

Earlier, Pravda UrFO analyzed in detail other billion-dollar conflicts around the business that the Federal Tax Service links with the arrested ex-owner of Yugra Bank Alexei Khotin and the infamous Rus-Oil holding. In particular, the bankruptcy case of JSC Kayum Neft (Nyagan) has already become a platform for a clash between Gazprombank (GPB) and Bank Yugra represented by the state corporation Deposit Insurance Agency. At the same time, GPB’s connections with the oil business were revealed, and the names of Prokhorov and Vekselberg were also mentioned in the dispute.

In addition, insiders reported on possible applicants for the oil business of Khotin, mentioning NZNP Trade, which was previously part of the South of Rus’ group of Sergey Kislov. According to the data of Kontur.Fokus, the participants of NZNP Trade LLC are Renaissance JSC (61%), Natalia Nikolaevna Lavrenyuk (25%), Finconsultpro JSC (14%). Earlier, RBC, referring to NZNP Trade, indicated that Natalya Lavrenyuk was called the common-law wife of MP Taras Kozak, who is close to Viktor Medvedchuk. At the same time, Lavrenyuk was mentioned in conjunction with Oksana Marchenko, Medvedchuk’s wife.